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Beautiful Pruned Trees Enhance Lawns

Many individuals spend an excessive amount of time taking care of their gardens and lawns while almost completely ignoring to take care of their trees. That’s not good after all since healthy and beautiful pruned trees can increase the value and beauty of a home. Correctly trimmed trees make your lawn look more bright and colorful. Lawns are very beneficial since they provide flood control, enhance entrapment of synthetic organic components, absorb carbon dioxide gases and control soil erosion effectively. All these will be achieved if we can prune and trim our trees properly thus enhancing the beauty in our lawns and gardens.

Here are some guidelines for maintaining and taking care of our trees.

Trees are ought to be pruned and lopped from time to time. This is to ensure the removal of broken, insect infected, diseased and dead branches. Young trees should be lopped yearly for the first few years to restrain unbalanced and unruly growth. Frequent pruning of branches reduces the chances of a tree from recovering and outgrowing into a pleasing shape. To safely lop and reach the high branches safely one should rent or buy a long-pole pruning or trimming saw. Regardless of the type of tool used one should keep the blades sharp to produce clean and fast cuts. Dull tools would not lop a branch fast and cleanly thus exposing a tree to high risks of infections and diseases.

After lopping a diseased branch one should ensure dipping the tool in a bleaching liquid to kill the disease-carrying infections and organisms. If this is not done one may transfer the infectious organisms to another tree. Heavy pruning or lopping should be done at a time when the tree is dormant and this is normally done during the late winter. Pruning is also simple once the leaves have fallen because one can vividly see the branches that need attention. Some of the benefits of pruning are:

Removal of dying or diseased growth and enhancing an effective and steady growth of a treeEnhances and increases landscape beauty with hedge and ornamental shrub pruningProvide a way for new growth and shape the canopy of mature trees.Increase light and airflow to your homeReduce the risk of infections in trees and decrease the danger of property damage during storms.

When applying fertilizers one should first and foremost consider the age of a tree. Young trees that are less than five years should be fertilized two to three times a year. Firmly, matured established trees should be fertilized once or twice annually. When applying fertilizer to a tree, immediately add water to the section under the tree to fasten its transfer to the root system and dissolve the fertilizer. The required amount of fertilizer that one needs to apply depends on the tree species and the type of fertilizer. It should be noted that over fertilizing can be hazardous and can even cause a tree to die.

Water is mainly important to the survival and increasing the life span of a tree. Trees that suffer from a lack of water are affected by transplant shocks, pests, and diseases. It is important to adequately water our trees to enhance their growth and eliminate any structural defects. Well-trimmed and pruned trees are essential in enhancing and maintaining the beauty of our lawns, landscape, and gardens.

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