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American Tree Care can provide a thorough tree diagnosis and tree analysis service for your home or business. We can determine if your trees are diseased, damaged, overcrowded or in need of tree care service.

When your property requires expert tree diagnosis and tree analysis, contact American Tree Care at 678-499-9076 for a free estimate.


Fertilizing your trees and shrubs is important to keeping them healthy. Trees and shrubs growing in a landscaped yard don’t get the same nutrients as trees growing in the wild. For example, when we rake and dispose of leaves during the fall, we are taking away the nutrients required to keep trees and shrubs healthy. Our Fertilization services replace the nutrients your trees and shrubs need.

Maintenance Program

When maintaining tree health, there is no “one size fits all”. By understanding how your trees respond to stressors, seasons and properly identifying and analyzing any issues in your landscape, tree care programs can be custom to your tree’s specific needs. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our trained Certified Arborists to discuss a program just for you and your trees.

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