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Tree Health Is Important


Growing and maintaining healthy trees is very important in sustaining a healthy environment and ecosystem. Tree health care is vital since trees cleanse contaminated air, block strong winds and provide shade during the summer. Healthy and gorgeous trees also increase the value of a property since they add beauty to the property and region. By caring and maintaining trees one enhances the health of a tree and contributes to a long healthy life of the tree. Spraying, soil management, fertilizing and pruning are all necessary to keep the trees in your area of residence in good condition.

Ways of achieving tree health care are:


Pruning is one of the ways of maintaining a healthy tree. It is one of the most common practices of maintaining an effective and steady growth of a tree. Pruning helps in the removal of dead, insect infected and diseased branches. This reduces the risk of the tree to diseases while refining the tree’s natural outlook. It also enhances the strength and structure of the tree. Pruning helps in promoting the growth of new branches, removing obstructing branches which may be hazards to electric power lines and new infrastructure developments.

Understanding the reason for the removal of tree branches is extremely significant since no pruning or lopping should be done unless it is required. Removing too many tree branches may cause the dwarfing effect and may reduce the chances of a tree to recover. Technically any cut to a living tree is a wound, therefore precise and clean cuts should be made to keep the damage at its minimum. It is also important not to lop or prune tree branches during the dormant season unless there is dead growth that needs pruning or removal. Contacting an Arborist is the most effective and safe way to remove and prune any branches as the job is dangerous and very demanding.


Water is key to the survival and existence of any living organism on earth. Trees suffering from lack of water are likely to be affected by pests, transplant shocks and diseases which may result in the death of the tree or trees. Some of the key things to note for appropriate watering of trees include:

The first is ensuring regular watering of a tree in the first 2 to 4 years of a tree’s life.Watering should be done in the morning for it to be most effective.Trees need water at least once per week, however, this will depend on periods and seasons. During the dry season, the tree would require more frequent watering than during the wet season as the tree would require less watering.


Fertilizing is not done that much in trees, unlike plants. Fertilizers should not be used to fix an unhealthy tree but should be used to promote the growth of a tree or plant that is already sprouting. Over-fertilizing can be fatal to the growth of a tree and may even cause a tree to die. It is important to note that fertilizers should be not used when planting a tree but should be applied to the roots at the second growing season of the tree. It is important to understand the significance of fertilizing and how it can affect the existence of a tree during planting or maintain an existing tree. Taking good care of your tree is beneficial to the health and lifespan of the tree.

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